Ronald Koeman: I have no doubt that De Jong is a player for Barc

Ronald Koeman: I have no doubt that De Jong is a player for Barc

When you live on the street and mix with other cultures, does it mature sooner?

Yes, because you see everything, you see the fights, how they work, how a gang works, or the police investigating gangs, you see how the streets work, how the drugs move, and the most important thing is that you have to decide quickly . For example, in a fight, you have to decide if you want to follow the straight path, keep working, keep everything legal. If you want the illegal you have it there next to it, they will give it to you quickly. 

You must have thought very early that if it wasn’t at Barça, you were going to succeed elsewhere, because you wanted to be a professional

I had some problems with Barça that I prefer to keep to myself, but I did not go in the best way. I had to make a decision. If Barça, which was the club that I loved, did not give me the opportunity or we did not agree, I had to go. I would have no problem going to Madrid. Barcelona is my home, but my mentality is to be the best possible day by day and what has to come will come. 

Have you also had to be thrown out of gyms to stop exercising, like Cristiano Ronaldo?

As a child I already had that virtue of being fast, but at the time of braking I suffered a lot, I had pubalgia, tendinitis, and had to work so that my muscles could sustain my explosive way of playing. I started doing specific jobs. Not weights, I know people don’t believe me. I do gym, but a different job from what is normally done. They always have to stop me, because you always want more.

When you go to the Blocks and they see you like this, do they recognize you or ask you what you have done?

Adama Traoré: "I would have no problem going to Madrid"

Adama Traoré: "If Barça or Madrid call me, I would consider it"

After the first year I came back and they asked me ‘what happened to you, how did you get like this? And that physical change! ‘ And I was telling them, well, English football is what it is. And the girlfriend, “Don’t see how you’ve gotten!” Always with the joke. 

Javier Aguirre replaced Mauricio Pelegrino as coach of Leganés at the beginning of the month, who struggled to get out of the well of the First Division. The Mexican coach made his debut with a draw (1-1) against Real Sociedad and his second game, after the national team break, measured the cucumber team against Barça in Butarque. 


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Leo Messi

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Leganes coach Aguirre fears Messi free-kicks ahead of Barça meeting

Aguirre, in statements to the program ‘El Transistor’, of Onda Cero ‘, has assured this Tuesday night that he is convinced that Leganés keeps the salvation options intact: "We are not dead, far from it". He also had time to comment on Barça’s visit and, above all, on the figure of Leo Messi, from whom he already fears his free kick: "For Messi a foul is a penalty, it seems that the scoundrel puts it with his hand. It’s amazing what it does"he said descriptively.

OFFICIAL: Javier Aguirre, new coach of Leganés

Jorge Cuenca leaves the U-21 due to injury with threat of operating room

The coach also gave his opinion on which footballer he considers the best in history and, although he commented that "I played against Maradona", it is clear that "The best always seemed to me Johan Cruyff, who did everything on the field". Javier Aguirre has always exhibited a great personality.

Javier Aguirre puts a point of good sense to the imminent arrival of Martin Braithwaite to FC Barcelona. The Mexican coach acknowledges that the Danish forward’s departure is a blow to Leganés in their fight to avoid relegation, but points out that the problem lies in the current regulations. "Unfortunately the club from which the footballer is taken away cannot sign", recognized the coach on Wednesday night in the program ‘Ao Contraataque’ on Radio Galega.  "No one can feel betrayed or feel cheated", came to affirm.


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Martin Braithwaite

Aguirre confirmed that the week in which Leganés must go to Balaídos to face Celta (another involved in the fight for permanence) "It’s a weird week … We don’t know what will happen to Martin. We train with him thinking that he may be in Vigo, but without the certainty that he will finally be with us. At this time we do not know how the story will end", he pointed. And it is that Celta-Leganés can be decisive in the objectives of the two teams. "It is not a final, but almost"Aguirre said.

The initial part of the long and interesting interview focused, of course, on Braithwaite. His departure from Leganés is already a matter of hours and that has created quite a controversy in the environment of the Madrid entity. "It’s a shame, but that’s how the business is built. The regulations are very clear and no one can feel betrayed or cheated", assured the coach.

Aguirre put the focus on the real problem that has occurred with the next signing of Barcelona. The coach remembered that "the regulations allow a club to sign late for a serious injury; unfortunately the club the player is taken away from is the one that cannot sign …". Javier Aguirre recalled that in the last winter market he already lost En-Nesyri (transferred to Sevilla) and that "it was already a hard stick. Martin’s thing is not a death blow, but it is much harder because it comes at a time when we were recomposing ourselves as a team and his possible departure complicates everything."he explained.

This is how Braithwaite has done with injuries

The Barça ensures to recover the investment by Braithwaite

The Leganés coach revealed that "Thursday they told us that he could leave and it was a festival … He arrived in the middle of the war". The interview in the ‘Ao Contraataque’ program on Radio Galega was on Wednesday night, the Mexican still had a thread of hope that the operation would not work. "I hope you continue with us and be in Vigo", he concluded. 

Sergiño Dest approaches Bayern Munich. The Ajax side, also wanted by Barça, still does not specify his future, although the Teutonic team seems willing to do whatever it takes to guarantee 1xbet streaming their services. As reported by ‘De Telegraaf’, Bayern presented a new offer for the side on Monday.


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Bayern Munich accelerate move for Barcelona target Sergiño Dest

The new proposal from the Germans would already approach the economic demands of the Dutch group, which asks for some 20 million fixed and another five million in variable concepts. The information from the aforementioned media ensures that both entities are confident of reaching an agreement this week.

Thus the things, the Barça will have to work against the clock if it tries to dynamite the approaches of the Bayern. The Barça team will sell Semedo to Wolves today, who will pay 35 million for the Portuguese. With that money, Barça will be able to make a competitive offer for Dest, although it will be necessary to see if it is not already too late. Good institutional relations between Barça and Ajax play in favor of the Catalans, but up to a certain limit. The soap opera will not be eternal and the patience of Marc Overmars, Ajax sports director, neither, so Barça will have to move fast in the next few hours if they still want to fight for the 19-year-old side.

Dest asks not to play anymore with Ajax to avoid injuries

Agreement between Dest and Bayern

It must be remembered that Bayern and Dest have already had an agreement in principle for weeks, although the possibility of dressing as a Barça player is also very exciting for the player.

Few doubt that Frenkie De Jong’s style of play is the one for FC Bareclona. After a first season still to end with many ups and downs, De Jong has had to adapt to the three positions in the center of the field with two different coaches, but he has won the Barça title from minute 1 with his level interventions.


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Frenkie de Jong Ronald Koeman

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Ronald Koeman: I have no doubt that De Jong is a player for Barca

His coach in the Dutch national team, the former blue Ronald Koeman, gave an interview to Catalunya Radio talking about the possibility of his pupil of succeeding at the Camp Nou, as well as his possible future on the culé bench.

“De Jong is a young player and you have to give these young people time. I am sure that in a short time he will show his quality and his level at Barcelona, ​​as he has already done at Ajax and the Dutch national team. I have no doubt that he is the player for the FC Barcelona midfield, ”says Koeman in an extract from said interview.

De Jong and Koeman, together in the national team | EFE

Koeman, an idol of the culé fans, was one of the names that were considered in the Barça offices to replace Ernesto Valverde, who was finally succeeded by Quique Setién. At that time, Koeman confessed to being focused on the ‘orange’ team, but he never closed the door on returning to Barcelona to lead the Barça team in the future.

Rakitic: "The feeling of superiority was so powerful that we wanted to keep playing and not stop"

Inter and Lautaro agree to leave

In fact, a possible signing of Koeman could make him coincide in the Barça dressing room with De Jong, whom he already knows well from the national team and another teammate who was and is on Barça’s radar, Matthis De Ligt.

Sabadell, the new LaLiga Smartbank team, announced on Tuesday the renewal for a year of the versatile Pedro Capó, one of the permanent players in the scheme of coach Antonio Hidalgo.